Abhinav Mukund’s powerful message on colour bias earns praises


Abhinav Mukund. Pic/ AFP
Abhinav Mukund made a comeback to Team India last month, but that is not the reason why he is in the news today. Abhinav Mukund took it upon himself to make a strong statement about racism/ colour bias that goes on in the country, with a very powerful and emotional post on social media. The left-hander talks about the times he faced racial discrimination and colour bias during his teenage years. He has urged Indian citizens to take a stand against racial bias with this post on Twitter.

— Abhinav mukund (@mukundabhinav) 9 August 2017
As soon as Abhinav Mukund sent this post out, there was a huge amount of support pouring in from Twitterati. Users on the social networking site praised Mukund for voicing his opinion.

Racial obsession of the worse kind. Far worse than the racial divide, which itself is despicable. Feels fury; no need for sorry for anyone.
— Jose Puliampatta (@JosePuliampatta) August 10, 2017
Abhinav Mukund played in the Indian squad against Sri Lanka during the first Test match at Galle and scored 81 runs in the second innings.
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